WRe-Enrollment for 2023-24

set to begin Monday, Jan. 30th at 9:00am

You will receive an email letting you know once the Re-Enrollment form has been posted to your portal.

As you prepare for the Re-Enrollment process please note that there are several forms located here on your parent portal that will help you to be prepared. To access these forms log onto the portal.

  1. Once your home page opens, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see the “School Links and Files” and then click on “School Folder.”
  2. Select the Re-Enrollment folder first and click on Files. One of the documents is an instruction sheet that will help you with the re-enrollment form. The other three documents will be referenced in the re-enrollment form so it will be helpful for you to read them in advance of filling out the re-enrollment form.
  3. Select the handbook folder and click on files to read and review the 2023-24  handbook for the division you child / children will be in.